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Join an ever growing number of eduCCate Global Award Schools, eduCCate Global Certified Climate Change Teachers and CCC SLE's around the world.

Since our launch in April 2019, we have set a new precedent for the global standard of Climate Change Education now delivered in schools in more than 40 Countries world wide.
An International Benchmark
With an eduCCate Global Fully Accredited CCC SLE (DTST for the DfE England) you reach a new standard of Climate Change Education.
Access to New Initiatives
eduCCate Global Award Schools will access a wide variety of Carbon Reduction and Sustainability focused initiatives to drive success.
Affordable and Effective
eduCCate Global is a non-profit and charges minimal fees for access to the eduCCate Global Awards with a wide variety of options to choose from.

So you want a quick summary?

eduCCate Global is the new benchmark and standard in Climate Change Education and Sustainability.

You have the opportunity to reach a new benchmark in School Education with a Lead eduCCate Global Climate Change Teacher and the CCC SLE accreditation (DTST for the DfE England), equipped with skills and power to teach for the future.
Accredited CCC SLE's Citizenship Climate Change Specialist Leaders of Education (DTST for the DfE England), will study a combination of Courses that will empower them to teach Climate Change and Sustainability effectively in the eduCCate Global Awards Schools.
These modules cover the following key topics:

1. Mentoring
2. Leadership
3. Sustainability Leadership
4. Eco-Anxiety
5. Disaster Risk Strategy
6. Emotional Literacy (PEACE)

We are constantly expanding our offers of initiatives that help schools to tackle Climate Change and encourage sustainability as second nature.
Currently our core initiatives include:

1. Access to the eduCCate Global Platform (a digital library on Climate Change Education Resources)
2. eduCCate Global Challenge*
3. Sustainable Eating Initiative*

*Initiative Coming Soon
eduCCate Global is committed to helping you get the most out of Climate Change Education.
Ways we are here to help:

1. Live Chat with the Team
2. Dedicated Email/Phone Support
3. Helpdesk and Support Documentation
4. Community of Fellow Climate Change Teachers and CCC SLE's (DTST for the DfE England)
  • eduCCate Global Climate Change Lead Teacher Certificate and Safeguarding Verification
  • School Registered on the Interactive Map of eduCCate Global Award Schools
  • eduCCate Twilight Session on the full programmes and what comes next
  • Access to eduCCate Global eLibrary of Content Items including Lesson Plans and Courses for Pupils
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I'm elated to be an eduCCate Global Climate Change Teacher. I am among 13,000 teachers across the nation armed with climate knowledge to effectively execute engaging lessons that will deliver Awareness & crucial information to our youth and families.

Ms. Hughes
United Kingdom

Proud to be one of the first to complete this UN accredited course which will offer a deep understanding of the climate issues to students and all within education globally

Ms. Bladon
United Kingdom

eduCCate Global has lived up to expectations! When I first engaged with the Team, the level of patience and dedication to make sure I understood fully the requirements and action tasks was simply top notch.

Mr. Aggrey
United Kingdom