A New Benchmark in Climate Change Education

What People Say

“When I first engaged with the Team, the level of patience and dedication to make sure I understood fully the requirements and action tasks was simply top notch.”
J Aggrey
United Kingdom

"I joined eduCCate Global because from the start I recognised their devotion to achieve SDG Goals."

B Bogojević
Republic of Serbia

“We were up 50% after just one month.”

Joanna Williamson
Los Angeles Customer

"I joined eduCCate Global because it is our role as teachers to give students the right knowledge and make them aware of environmental issues. Our children need to be able to come to their own decision about choices that will have an impact on their future."

P Apetino
"As a parent I couldn't have a bigger motivation than wanting to create a better world for my kids."
J Friend
United Kingdom
It was my choice to be ignorant before."
Parent at a Primary School in Dubai
United Arab Emirates