What Do We Do?

We Make Sure Children Are Being Taught About the World Around Them

The world is changing and children are demanding better education.

We ensure that children are being taught about how the world is changing, human impact, adaptation and the steps society needs to take to ensure a sustainable future.

Our Core Missions
  • Schools
    Up-Skill Educators
  • Initiatives
    To Drive Sustainability
  • Measure
    Report and Evidence the Program
Active In
  • 40+
    Countries Worldwide
  • 8,000+
    Weekly Educator Engagements
  • 225,000+
    Educators Since Launch
We Are
  • Non-Profit
    Here for a greater purpose
  • Listening
    We want to do the best we can
  • Helpful
    Ready to help your school
What Do We Do?

We Make Sure Teachers Are Equipped with the Knowledge to Teach

We up-skill educators and equip schools.

In order to teach Climate Change Education and Sustainability successfully we up-skill educators across key subject areas and equip schools with the knowledge they need to transform learning to action.

What Do We Do?

We Deliver Initiatives That Drive Measurable Change and Sustainable Behaviour

We want a Sustainable-Mindset to become second nature.

We support schools by delivering key initiatives that drive measurable sustainable change and encourage sustainable behaviours as second nature. eduCCate Global continuously invests in initiatives that can encourage sustainable behaviours.