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Why Should Your School Join?

The Training You Need

We offer modules that actually equip you with vital Sustainability knowledge and empower you to bring sustainability into the classroom.

A Better Understanding = A Better Education
Meet an International Benchmark

eduCCate Global Awards

An International Benchmark of Excellence
With education at a level of international excellence, our training ensures teachers and schools are well-equipped to integrate Climate Change and Sustainable education.

Core Initiatives

We are constantly innovating with new initiatives to drive social and behavioural change through education. Sustainability as second nature is our goal.
Join an International Community of Schools

Active in over 45 Countries

and Thousands of Schools
With more than 1 billion children currently in education globally, we have a great opportunity to ensure a more sustainable future becomes second nature.

Here to Help Your School

We are here to help your School empower our next generation to think, be and live sustainably.
We are a Non-Profit

We are not here to profit on a serious environmental issue.

We care about your school and we care about better Climate Change and Sustainability in Education.

Still not convinced?

Reach out to the team or take a look at our FAQs.

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