British Nursery School Hailed as World's First Climate Change Educational Hub

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British Nursery School Hailed as World's First Climate Change Educational Hub


12 DECEMBER 2019 at 16:00 CET


Bolsover Infant and Nursery School in Derbyshire is the unlikely holder of a world first accolade as the world's first eduCCate Global Climate Change Hub. The school, along with GEMS Kindergarten Starters, another primary school based in Dubai, holds the distinction of having teaching staff which have been certified by the United Nations for completing a special online climate change teaching course.
Under the watchful eye of headteacher Fiona Cowan, Bolsover Infants have been working on becoming a Climate Change Hub for over a year and have boasted many firsts - including having some of the first UN accredited teaching staff in the world. The enthusiastic staff have created a specific Early Years and Key stage 1 based climate curriculum, which has been fully integrated across the school classroom lessons. What makes this different is the fact that climate change in this context is not just an add-on, but an integrated part of the day to day learning.

We want our children to understand the scope of the issue, and also know that there is hope for the future, explains Ms Cowan, We believe that very young children have the capacity to understand much more than we give them credit for, which means it's our duty to help them make sense of the misinformation they face every day. It also means that the youngsters can help educated their parents and community on the facts rather than the fiction, one step at a time.

The schools journey started several years ago when it became a British Council accredited International School, integrating international learning into the curriculum and teaching young children about their global responsibility. This journey led the school to look at climate change in a wider context and learn how they could prepare the children for their own uncertain future. When eduCCate Global launched the Climate Change course in April 2019, Fiona and her team were some of the first to register and complete the course.

What's great about Fiona and her school is the fact that they've dared to dream big, and they've really pulled it off, says Mel Harwood, chief executive of eduCCate Global who launched the program in partnership with the UN. We're hoping that more schools will follow their example and be inspired to fill their classrooms with accredited climate change teachers before it's too late.

The school has been sponsored by two local sustainable business: Smurfitt Kappa and isec, who funded Fiona's visit to COP25 in Madrid. The trip was also offset through a carefully chosen tree planting program to ensure the travel didn't add to the carbon impact.

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