Co-Sponsored by EdUnity and Harwood Education

eduCCate Global 2021 Cohort

We help schools

to talk about Climate Change and bring Sustainability into the Classroom and beyond.

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"I joined eduCCate Global because it is our role as teachers to give students the right knowledge and make them aware of environmental issues. Our children need to be able to come to their own decision about choices that will have an impact on their future."

P Apetino
Teacher, Italy
Co-Sponsored by EdUnity and Harwood Education

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What's Included in the Program?

Bronze Award

Learn how to embed Climate Change into the curriculum with world-leading teacher training.

School Eco Passport

Let your school be recognised for achieving Sustainability goals and leading by example.
What Else?

A Program worth over £5,000 and exclusive offers from our Sponsors.

eduCCate Global Cohort 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I apply?
Click here to apply. The application requires some information such as the number of students and teachers, to ensurer a speedy application it is helpful to have this to hand as you complete the application. To apply you must meet the eligibility criteria by being a State/Government-funded School and have not received any grant funding in the last 6 months.
Eligibility Criteria
Your school must be a State-Funded School (Government-funded) and can be in the United Kingdom or abroad! The program is only open to schools which have not been successful in, or received grant funding in the last 6 months, excluding Government sources of funding. If you are unsure whether any prior funding may impact eligibility, please contact us.
Who are our Sponsors?
The 2021 Cohort has been co-sponsored by EdUnity and Harwood Education. Both organisations share our deeply valued mission to support Climate Change Education.
In Our Next Cohort We Will
  • 100 Schools
    Deliver eduCCate Global to 100 Schools
  • 30,000+
    With our Program Impacting over 30,000 Pupils 
  • 300+ Teachers
    Benefitting and Up-Skilling more than 300 Educators
eduCCate Global are Specialists in
  • Education
    Delivering Best-in-Class Climate Change Teacher Training
  • Cross-Curricular
    Education Support for Schools
  • The Long Term
    Equipping Students for Life in the Next Generation