eduCCate Global is very pleased to invite you to “Bedtime stories for headteachers” with Henry Mintzberg. This is the first in a series of workshops, designed especially for forward-thinking headteachers in our ever-growing network, "High iMpact for headteachers". eduCCate Global recognizes that you are leading your schools through unprecedentedly complex times and we want to help you find, learn and create constructive practices in your schools and the communities where you live.

We have developed this first workshop with our partner, Coaching Ourselves. The workshop is based on an idea that Henry Mintzberg developed in his book, “Bedtime stories for managers”. The idea is that headteachers, despite their role as managers, rarely, if ever, have the chance to reflect on and build their leadership and management skills or exchange with each other. Now you can!

In this workshop you will join headteachers from around the world and will participate in guided small group discussions on “Influencing others: Leading through trust”. [see below for more details]

Henry Mintzberg, a groundbreaking and world leading expert on business management and strategy, will join us at the end of the breakouts to talk to you about your learning experience, share his big idea for Rebalancing Society and discuss where and how headteachers can play an important role. [for more about Henry, see below]

This is an incredible opportunity to meet Henry Mintzberg and other headteachers from around the world to learn together, share ideas, and generate energy for action. While the challenges in our schools and school systems are many, the possibilities are endless, so let’s get started!

Our gift to headteachers in these challenging times....

“Bedtime stories for headteachers”
Monday October 18th from 4PM to 5:30 PM UK (11AM to 12:30 EST)
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Kindest Regards,
The eduCCate Global team


About … Influencing others. Leading through trust. Created by Linda Hill and Kent Lineback.

Are you someone who can influence others to get the necessary results?

Your reports assess you every day and their engagement and willingness to follow your leadership depends on their perception of you. This module focuses on how you relate to your colleagues and how you use yourself as an instrument to get things done.

First you will examine two common managerial pitfalls: relying too heavily on formal authority and relying on close personal relationships as methods of influencing others. You will then explore the only enduring basis of influence: trust. How do you establish trust with others? By building your own competence and character. What do you need to do differently? Today’s module will help you answer this question!

This module will stimulate you to:
• Reflect on how you relate to others as their boss.
• Explore some classic managerial pitfalls in regard to influencing others.
• Determine how you can strengthen your influence by working on your competence and character.

Henry Mintzberg: A Brief Bio

Henry Mintzberg, OC, OQ, FRSC is an internationally renowned academic, author and researcher. He is currently the Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies at the Desautels Faculty of Management of McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Mintzberg has twice won the McKinsey Award for publishing the best article in the Harvard Business Review (despite his critical stance about the strategy consulting business). He is also credited with co-creating the organigraph, which is taught in business schools. From 1991 to 1999, he was a visiting professor at INSEAD.

Mintzberg writes on the topics of management and business strategy, with more than 150 articles and twenty books to his name. His seminal book, The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning (
Mintzberg, 1994), criticizes some of the practices of strategic planning today. He describes himself as “a writer and educator, mostly about managing organizations, developing managers, and rebalancing societies (where my attention is currently focused).” He is also an outdoorsman and collector of beaver sculptures.