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What is the Difference between eduCCate Global and UN CC:Learn?
eduCCate Global and UN CC:Learn exist in a joint-partnership. UN CC:Learn focuses primarily on research and assessment whilst eduCCate Global's remit is to support you in your accreditation and your school in rolling out a successful Climate Change Education Program. eduCCate Global handles the administration of overall accreditations, support and the required projects.
Why eduCCate Global vs. Other School Eco Initiatives?
eduCCate Global enables schools and teachers to meet an exceptional international standard of Climate Change Education in achieving a UN Accreditation, an exclusive part of the program. Once more, completion enables both schools and teachers to receive cutting edge resources and access to brand new initiatives that delivery on measurability.
What are the '4 Phases of eduCCate Global'?
You may sometimes see us refer to '4 phases' of eduCCate Global. This refers to our internal targets but we'll break it down

i. Equip teachers with the knowledge to confidently teach climate change and empower students
ii. Support educators and governments in rolling out Climate Change education throughout the cross curriculum
iii. The delivery of initiatives into schools that drive a reduction of carbon footprint and encourage a sustainable mindset as second nature
iv. Measure impact and report this back to governments, partner organisations and the wider public
What Should I do if I need help?
eduCCate Global is here to support you. If you need help please get in touch with us, the easiest way is via email at or if you have already registered your accreditation with us you can quickly speak with the team using the Live Chat options. For self-help and frequently asked questions check out our Help Site here.

eduCCate Global supports a community of over 225,000 teachers worldwide, with this in mind we cannot privately tutor or guide teachers through the course, so those looking for assistance are encouraged to take advantage of the strong community and check the provided resources.
Is eduCCate Global a Non-Profit?
Yes. eduCCate Global is a non-profit organisation, our dream is to make Climate Change Education accessible to all schools worldwide. We currently charge a minimal fee to support the operational and running costs of eduCCate Global.
How long does the Course take?
To become accredited there are five key modules that are required, the course is self-paced and you can do so at your own preference. However, we advise that you expect the course to take a total of 25 - 30 hours (there are additional materials should you wish to go into subject matters in greater depth).
Can Non-Schools Register?
For our "Teacher" and "School" focused programs unfortunately not, but head over to our Section for Organisations which details the options available for Organisations, Business and Government.
We would like to fund Schools or get involved, what should we do?
Please get in touch! eduCCate Global is a non-profit and we welcome all support from those keen to back our mission. We would be happy to discuss your preferences with you and explore possible options.

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