Changes to eduCCate Global

If you already joined eduCCate Global before 31 December 2019 then some changes we have launched may affect your School. Read this post for more information on changes to Schools.

Changes to eduCCate Global in 2020

We launched eduCCate Global in April 2019 as an initially self-funded pilot that is now active in thousands of schools globally in more than 45 countries. The program was initially funded as a pilot until 31 December 2019, with all schools registered by this point guaranteed to have continued access until 22 April 2020. Schools registering after 31 December 2019 will not be eligible as part of the trial phase and this means some changes to the way to get started.

Schools will now be required to join a School Plan (Bronze being the equivalent to the trial phase) and able to nominate a member of staff to become their school's eduCCate Global Climate Change Teacher. Through this, the school will also benefit from eduCCate Global funded and delivered initiatives including the eduCCate Global Platform and the initiatives announced during the UN COP25 Summit in December 2019.

eduCCate Global continues to operate as a Non-Profit Organisation committed to ensuring that every child has access to the same international quality of Climate Change and Sustainable Education. Our fees are a minimal charge to cover the administrative costs of the safeguarding verification and delivery for each nominated Climate  Change Teacher Certificate, the continued support, delivery and operation of the program that many thousands of educators and schools around the world have come to rely on to deliver the very best Climate Curriculum and trusted content library of Climate Change Learning in the world which is called eduCCate Global Social.

School Registrations

From 1 January 2020 we will be making some changes to the registration process, as part of updates to our Safeguarding Verification Process. This primarily changes the requirement for your School to register rather than being able to self-register for the full eduCCate Global Climate Change Teacher Certificate as a Teacher. A school will have to register and nominate a member of staff to become their eduCCate Global Climate Change Lead Teacher. If you would like to do this on behalf of your school you must first seek permission and authorisation to do so.

How the Accreditation Works

Please note that during the Assessment, certificates of participation are issued by UN CC:Learn over on the joint portal we share with UN CC:Learn for completed modules as part of our certification process. These certificates of participation alone do not award the holder as an eduCCate Global Climate Change Teacher. To receive this, a dedicated certificate is issued once the certificates of participation have been formally awarded and the safeguarding process has been verified by eduCCate Global, with the school formally nominating their teacher to be an eduCCate Global Climate Change Teacher.


Whilst we are absolutely thrilled to have seen so many people taking the program including parents, school governors and wider people, eduCCate Global is unable to support non-teachers. For this reason, we will no longer accept registrations from those who are not teachers. eduCCate Global exists specifically to support educators and schools.

We will launch a separate registration process for Businesses and Organisations who wish to train a Sustainability & Climate Change Leader (to be announced).

Existing Schools

eduCCate Global is a non-profit organisation, whilst the first phase of this project was sponsored during the trial and made free of charge to a limited number of educators this will no longer be the case from 1 January 2020. eduCCate Global continues to operate as a Non-Profit Organisation and schools will be asked to pay a minimal fee to support the processing and delivery of the entry level program (Bronze Plan: £300).

Getting Started

You can now register your School to the Bronze Plan online, simply head over to our Pricing page and select the Bronze Plan*. Once activated you will receive information on getting started with the course, access to the eduCCate Global Platform and additional information on eduCCate Global.

All existing educators may continue accessing eduCCate Global Bronze free of charge until 22 April, 2019 as this funding was secured for those with active accounts.

Our Work with Governments & Sponsors

We understand schools are often under financial pressures but we do not believe this can justify Children missing out on vital education about their world, Climate Change and Sustainability. This is why, eduCCate Global has now prioritised its focus to work directly with Governments and Sponsors to be able to deliver the program as funded. In areas where funding for eduCCate Global is already allocated your school will automatically come under this. We will announce these areas in due course, when funding is secured.

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