Climate Change Teachers Rule the World

COP25 eduCCate Global Press Conference

The non-profit eduCCate Global organisation has partnered with the United Nations to produce a revolutionary program of Climate Change education across the globe.
The Climate Change Teacher Academy is offering U.N. Climate Change certification for teachers around the globe free of charge. All they need to do is sign up, take the online courses, pass the tests and gain their certificate. The hope is that this new climate education initiative will spill out from the classroom into the living room and into communities across the world.
Two of the very first U.N. accredited Climate Change teachers are Dr Ben King of Churston Ferrers Grammar School, Torbay, Devon, UK, and Dr Meryl Batchelder of Corbridge Middle School, Northumberland, UK. Together with tens of thousands of other accredited teachers around the world, they are showing the world how to take real action to tackle the current climate crisis.
Dr King, a geography teacher and regional coordinator for eduCCate Global, completed the UN course in his free time at the end of April 2019, and was immediately impressed by how rigorous the courses were. His expertise in social media then helped him spread the word among his peers. He singlehandedly generated 300 new accreditation applications overnight after a Facebook post.
“I really enjoy using social media such as Twitter, and also spreading the word on local television and radio” Dr King explains, “The next phase of Educcate Global, the social hub, will be extremely exciting, once the teachers start sharing climate resources and expertise across the world.”
Science teacher and eduCCate Global regional coordinator Dr Meryl Batchelder also enrolled on the course in April, and inspired by the quality of the U.N. material, contacted Jamie Driscoll, the newly elected Mayor of North of Tyne. Jamie recognised the potential of teaching mitigation and adaptation strategies in the classroom and declared that his metro region would be the first to roll the program out in all schools in the area. This bold move was immediately featured in an article in The Guardian newspaper and on Sky TV.
For Dr Batchelder the choice was clear. “Teaching about Climate Change must start as early as possible and extend through all key stages. We need to give our students the information they need to feel empowered and confident enough to demand climate action from leadership, business or politicians.”
Ana Romero is the Head of Sustainability at Wellington College in Berkshire, and has become a passionate fan of the eduCCate Global vision. A native Mexican, she has found inspiration in the climate education goals of eduCCate Global, and is working to introduce the U.N. accreditation into Mexican schools through 2020. A recent meeting she organised between eduCCate Global and the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs will explore working with other Ministries to deliver a deployment of the new curriculum across Mexico once the official sanction has been given. More information can be found at or from

February 1, 2020
Melanie Harwood
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