Asha Alexander

Asha Alexander


Headteacher and Principal at GEMS Kindergarten Starters School in Dubai

Our Expert Advisory Panel are here to support the eduCCate Global in its mission to:

· Act as an advocate for eduCCate Global’s work;

· Advise on the development of the eduCCate Global’s strategy;

· Ensure that the eduCCate Global leadership is kept informed of major developments in the relevant education sectors;

· Create links between eduCCate Global stakeholders and the pioneering communities within the education sector for whom our work has particular relevance; and,

· Offer insights and identify new opportunities and trends.


· The Expert Advisory Panel will conduct its meetings online, via Skype, video and/or Teleconference technology. The number of meetings called is at the Chair’s discretion with at least one meeting convened every 4-6 weeks.

· Meeting dates, attendance and key action points recorded electronically via email, by the designated member of the panel.

· The eduCCate Global Leadership Team is the principal recipient of the panel’s advice and is responsible for providing feedback to the panel on how its input has influenced thinking on the strategy with a view to continuous learning.


The membership and terms of reference of the Expert Advisory Panel will be reviewed annually or earlier, as appropriate, by its Chair in consultation with the eduCCate Global leadership.

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