Melanie Harwood

Melanie Harwood

Co-Founder & CEO

Melanie Harwood is an education entrepreneur and self-styled disruptor based in England. As the Co-Founder and CEO of eduCCate Global, a Not For Profit Organisation, she has partnered with the United Nations (UNITAR) to educate teachers and, in turn, the next generation, about climate change and sustainability. Her unorthodox approach ultimately aims to create an army of Greta Thunbergs, via the thinking that “teachers don't just teach children, they teach entire communities”. The eduCCate Global Programme, is working to put a climate-change teacher in every classroom in every school in the world, and is accredited by the UN. eduCCate Global’s cross-curricular lessons touch every aspect of climate change: climate science, gender and environment; the link between climate change and cities, law and children; health, sustainable diet and climate change; climate-change adaptation and mitigation as well as sustainability and the green economy.  Melanie’s personal mission is to deliver  the future leaders our planet desperately needs right now.

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